Out-Reach: The church reaching out to those outside the church. (Evangelism, Missions)

In-Reach: The church reaching in to those inside the church. (Encouragement, Fellowship)

Up-Reach: The church reaching up by communicating and giving to God. (Praising, Prayer, Worship)

Down-Reach: God reaching down by communicating and giving to the church. (Bible Study, Preaching, Teaching, The Holy Spirit)


NTLEM believes in the Godhead without the recognition of a religious denomination or affiliation. We believe that Yeshua, also known as Jesus, died for the remission of sin and rose to fulfill the Mosaic Law. We believe that God has given man dominion over all the earth and that even though we trust and believe in Him, it is our task to change the plight of man. We believe not in just the King James Version of the Scripture but also the books left out of these writings that neither contradict or condemn those writings but confirm and enlighten. 

NTLEM will stand on truth on matter what the opposition, or who it exposes. NTLEM will confront social and political issues with education, finance, and community outreach. NTLEM will not just be speakers of the Word of Truth but Doers as well. NTLEM will have a 4 prone mission, Outreach, Inreach, Upreach and Downreach.


This Ministry is based upon John 8:32-“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

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